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    font size change

      I have used Arial size 20 font for my ppt presentation. All fits perfectly on the ppt screen. When I publish to Breeze, everything is much larger and does NOT fit! I have used Breeze extensively and have never had this problem. Any ideas?
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          Glad to see someone else has this issue. There's one PC here that has the same problem. When I publish the PPT it increases the font size to the point that the text hangs off the side of the slide. I can access the same PPT file from another PC and publish it with the exact same settings and it works fine. I've reinstalled PowerPoint, done the updates, and reinstalled the publisher, but it still doesn't work. I checked every setting and there's nothing different. I'll update if I find anything.
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            Right click your desktop. Select "properties". Select the "settings" tab. Select "advanced". Set the DPI setting to "Normal Size(96 DPI)". Restart your machine. Cross your fingers. Publish. Jump up and down with joy and dance on your desk.
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              I am jumping up and down and dancing! Thank you!!!