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    Graab datafrom UI




      I want to create an UI in Edge,  username, and a password and a OK button.


      I have created the form, it looks OK, but Im not able to get the data inserted by the user. My code look like this (taken fröm an email form created by othe user Resdesign in this forum, Thanks Resdesign):


      // insert code to be run when the composition is fully loaded here
      var Text = sym.$("Text")
      Text.html("User name:");
      inputText = $('<input />').attr({'type':'text','value':'user','id':'Text'});
      inputText .css ('font-size',14);
      inputText .css ('width',350);
      //inputText .css ('background-color','#0a81fb');
      inputText .appendTo(Text);
      var Text2= sym.$("Text2");
      Text2.html("Passsword<input/>  ");
      var button = sym.$("button");
      button.html("<button type='submit'style='color:blue;text-align:center'>OK</button>");


      So When I push the OK button, I want to open an alert saying: username, or more exactly just show the username that is typed in.  I have this code int the button:




      When I run the code I got the alert Undefined.  So yes, I'm doing sometjhing wrong.  I guess it has somethijng to do whith appendTO, but I'm really lost here.....


      In short what I want:


      1. When I push the button, I want to store the text entered in the input by the user in a variable.

      2. I want to display this somewhere eløse, in ie an alert or in a text box.