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    Vector shapes not backwards compatible?




      I work in an office where some people are on differnt versions of Photoshop while I am using CC. When I create vector objects and save them in a file they sometimes show up as all black in older versions of photoshop. Is there a process that I can use that will get around this issue? These files are passed back and forth and I understand that I may loose the ability to use some of the newer features with CC in order to avoid issues. But I need to use the vector options on a daily basis.

      I see another issue that people are running into that I also deal with alot and that is the crop tool adjustments. When you use the crop tool it sometimes makes the vectors all out of wack.


      Any help is apreciated!


      Thank you,

      Andrew H

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          You have your compatibilities backwards. Older versions are not forward compatible for newer features are not in older versions of Photoshop so compatibility is not possible.   Newer versions of Photoshop for the most part are backwards compatible with older versions of Photoshop. However Adobe drops the ball at times. Since CS4 Photoshop is not fully backwards compatible in fact Photoshop CS4 and newer are not fully compatible with themselves.  There are bugs and compatibility issues with options in the adjustment panels fly-out menu.  Option in it can change Photoshop default operation which not only makes it not backwards compatible they make some feature  in the current version work in an inconsistent manner.  The code implementing these options  are not without their bug. Photoshop does not always operate the way the options are set.