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    Help with a design




      I am attempting to replicate a design of a popular Bill Murray T-shirt and need help.


      On the left is the design that I want to have and on the right is my design




      They are close but the one on the right is too cartoonish, the edges are not as crisp and the coloring is not consistent.


      Here are the steps I took:

      -Copied new layer

      -Unlocked Background


      -Copied Layer->Pasterize->level 3

      -Copied New layer


      -Levels->8 Simplicity->0 Fidelity->3



      It's not quite what I am looking for, PLEASE HELP!



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          jdanek Level 4

          It looks like you need more contrast, fewer Gray areas vs. more Black areas. You could go in manually with the Burn tool.  Bill Murray has more detail and accents than your version, but you can go in and increase some of those areas.

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            John_Picton Level 3

            A couple of comments - and these are just my thoughts -


            Part of the reason the image on the left looks as it does is the black background as opposed to the white one on the right. Changing that would probably give a whole different feel to the image to start with.


            If you want to "darken up" and sharpen parts of the image you could try putting a copy of the original layer (I do mean the original - not the gray scale one you have created) above the grayscale layer. Choosing Adjustments / threshold to create a very starkly contrasted image. Then use a combination of opacity level on that layer to reveal the gray image. Alternatively place an inverted mask on the layer (hiding the new B&W layer) and then, using a white brush with opacity of 30% or less to gradually darken the areas of the image that you feel need it.


            As I said - just my suggestion, I am sure other people will have different suggestions.