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    Random Flashes Appear in Shared Videos

    Jerry Mann

      I am now looking for the answer to this problem, and searching this forum and the Elements Village forum (and Google, too) has not yielded any answers. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


      I am having a problem with my shared videos, that I did not have the last time I edited a project. The problem is random flashes or strobing in all footage in the shared video. It is not a total white out, but a definite lift in exposure. The problem does not show up in the timeline. My project is an interview, with 3 cameras. I am changing opacity to cut from camera to camera. The subject is essentially still, with minimal gesturing. This is the same approach I used on a previous project with no troubles. I am using Premier Elements 10. I am a professional still photographer, with basic and occasional experience with video work, but I am not a power-user. The full specs for projects, cameras and system are listed below. I have posted a 4 second clip of the shared video at YouTube. I would suggest video at HD720 setting to best see the flashing trouble: http://youtu.be/l6SMXmmENHM


      I had heard that using the "AutoTone & Vibrance" Effect would cause this problem, and I was using that effect. So I unchecked the "Auto" checkbox in that effect, and made my adjustments manually. I exported a short test and the problem seemed to disappear. However, when I output the final full length video (10 minutes), the effect was showing up again, BUT not as bad.


      I am suspecting it still has to do with some effects I have applied, because when I unchecked "Auto" the problem was reduced noticeably. The effects that I have applied, to some clips, but not all clips, are:

      -Auto Tone & Vibrance (unchecked "Auto" box, and made manual adjustments)

      -3-way Color

      -New Blue Noise Reducer



      However, there could be another culprit besides Auto effects, as a previously successful project used the Auto Contrast effect. That previous project also used a different set of cameras, with different clip sources. I do not recall any messages from PE10 about mismatched footage settings as I brought in the footage. Please note how the footage from XA10 camera were sourced differently from previous project to current. Also note Sony cam replaced 5DMii cam in current project. Also, because PE10 would not support importing from my HV20, I have always resorted to 1st bringing the footage onto computer via iMovie, then importing to PE from there.


      CURRENT PROJECT (trouble with flashing):

      Cam 1: Canon xa10, HDV at 60i, using .mts files as downloaded to computer from camera.

      Footage Properties: MPEG, 1920X1080, 29.97

      Cam 2: Sony HDR-PJ790, HDV at 60i, using .mts files as downloaded to computer from camera.

      Footage Properties: MPEG, 1440X1080, 29.97

      Cam 3: Canon HV20 (miniDV), HDV at 60i using .mov files, originally captured to computer via iMovie.

      Footage Properties: QuickTime Movie, 1440X1080, 29.97

      PROJECT SETTINGS: HDV1080i, 29.97 FPS, 1440x1080

      SHARE SETTINGS: Computer/ AVCDH/ YouTube Widscreen HD preset, customized to 30 FPS and FrameOrder: Upper.



      Cam 1: Canon xa10, HDV at 60i, using .mov file provided by camera operator

      Footage Properties: QuickTime Movie, 1920X1080, 29.97

      Cam 2: Canon 5DMii, HDV at 30p, using .mov files direct from camera.

      Footage Properties: MPEG, 1920X1080, 29.97

      Cam 3: Canon HV20 (miniDV), HDV at 60i, using .mov files, originally captured to computer via iMovie.

      Footage Properties: QuickTime Movie, 1440X1080, 29.97

      PROJECT SETTINGS: DSLR, 29.97 FPS, 1920x1080

      SHARE SETTINGS: Computer/ AVCDH/ YouTube Widscreen HD preset



      iMac, OS X 10.6.8, 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB memory

      Source footage and PreEl files live on an external OWC Mercury ElitePro, via Firewire 800.


      I hope this is enough info to get someone started with finding an answer to this problem. Let me know if there is any other info that might be needed.


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          Jerry Mann Level 1

          I am going to "bump" this post just in case it was overlooked. Thank you.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Jerry Mann


            Just a quick question while I think about this some more.


            I just want to make sure I am in sync with what you are calling Random Flashes.


            I have the YouTube video set at 720p as suggested. When I look at the video I see a problem with a not so refined edge between the person's black jacket  on one side and the background, and the walls in the light colored background appear to be running ever so slightly. Have you used that particular background before.


            Am I looking at any post green screening here?


            Do you have any of your old good projects (presumed Premiere Elements 10 projects) that you can open now, look at it and an export of it? This way determining if old good is still good here and now.


            What video card/graphic card does your computer use?



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              Jerry Mann Level 1

              One more piece of information is that I have another clip in the project, a title sequence, that was pulled from YouTube (from a previous project that I produced). I just realilzed that it's specs look like they may cause trouble:


              Title Sequence Properties:

              Mpeg movie, 1280x720, 23.91 frame rate.


              Also the pixel aspect ratio is 1.0. The other clips vary in pixel aspect ratio:

              Canon xa10 is 1.0

              Sony and Canon HV20 are 1.33.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Jerry Mann


                We are not Adobe. Just Premiere Elements users trying to help other Premiere Elements users with their Premiere Elements workflows if we think that we can contribute. We do this freely, with no scheduled appearance. There is no instant responses, and the more complex questions tend to take longer to find someone to take it on.


                As it turned out, I replied to your thread before I saw your "bumping" up of the thread.


                Your thread will not go unnoticed. The amount of replies will depend on how many want to take on the discussion on a project with so many variables.


                More later.



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                  Jerry Mann Level 1

                  A.T., thanks for the reply...


                  The walls are a wallpaper that has that texture. (no green screen here) This location was never used before. I will check that old footage to be sure that some glitch is not occuring on my computer.


                  Graphics card? .... let's see....

                  ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT:

                  Chipset Model:    ATI Radeon HD 2400





                    Resolution:    1680 x 1050

                    Pixel Depth:    32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)

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                    Jerry Mann Level 1

                    I understand the situation, and apologize for being impatient, and for the bump (which may have viloated rules?). You especially have been a great contributor to the PE community, and I thank you for that. I have learned a lot from your posts in the past. I understand this is a complicated one. That is why I listed as many specs as possible.


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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      Jerry Mann


                      No problem with posting. It was just that I did not want you misunderstand if you did not get an immediate response.


                      Let us see how you do revisiting the old footage to determine if it holds up today. The good news was that you do not have a NVIDIA video card for your computer on which Premiere Elements 10 is running. There is an epidemic of display issues specific to Premiere Elements 10 users whose computers use a NVIDIA video card. All the cases seem to involve Windows users.


                      While you are checking out the old in the present, I am trying to get a handle on the formats that went into your problem project and the decision to go with the project preset selected. I am reading through your thread to pick up on the formats that you mentioned.


                      Does my description of the walls match up with those random flashes that you cite? If not, please focus me in on where I should be see these random flashes.


                      More later.


                      Thanks for the follow ups.



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                        Jerry Mann Level 1


                        I did check the previously successful video [EDIT: produced with PE10], and actually did find a flash or two, but nowhere as much as the current project. Here is a link to the previous project, in which I found one flash at the 1:59 mark. The flash is both in my output on computer and the YouTube version. As I mentioned in original post, I did apply Auto Contrast to this project.



                        Here is  link to the complete video of my current project, where the flashes occur about 33 sec., 44 sec and 52 sec. and elsewhere.


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                          A.T. Romano Level 7

                          Jerry Mann


                          After watching the second linked to video in post 8, I think that I am in sync with you regarding those random flashes. What is happening on the Timeline immediately before 33 seconds and 44 seconds and 52 seconds?


                          Are you doing 3 camera editing in Premiere Elements 10? Are most of your Opacity changes cutting from Camera to Camera done by keyframing of the Opacity property in the Properties Palette? Are you doing a cutting and inserting in places instead of keyframing of the Opacity property?


                          I am still working on the project setup angle on all this. I prefer to get that out of the way at the onset. I will have more questions later tonight or tomorrow morning.



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                            Jerry Mann Level 1



                            I cannot view the timeline for about 5 minutes as I am exporting a test with all effects deleted, except for my opacity. And yes, as you said, I am keyframing and changing the opacity level for my cuts. Cam 1 is at the top (track 3), Cam 2 is in the middle (track 2) and Cam 3 is below (track 1). I do have one short audio track  in the Narration track at the very beginning. Cams 1 and 2 contain the main audio for the interview.


                            I will check the timeline right away... about 2 minutes til the Share is complete. I will report on that too.



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                              Jerry Mann Level 1



                              I have news. First off, absolutely nothing is happening in the timeline at those times where the flash occured as mentioned above.


                              Next, I have viewed my test export with all effects deleted. The video is perfectly clean of any defects, other than my poor exposure and coloration. I think I have determined the problem. I need to figure out how to get my color and contrast and exposure tweaked without causing troubles.


                              Any thoughts? I do realize that my project settings and clip propeties are quite a jumble.



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                                A.T. Romano Level 7

                                Jerry Mann


                                Great job moving through the troubleshooting analysis.


                                Putting the video flashing aside, how much benefit do you get from the color/contrast/exposure tweaking? If you really need any one of those tweaks and have the time, you might want to consider one tweak at a time until you hit the one that messes up your export with those flashes.


                                By tomorrow I will let you know if I think that anything is to be gained by selecting alternative project settings. The project preset should match the properties of the source video. The program allows for only one project preset. So, when you have a Timeline with mixed formats, priorities need to be set and the rest fitted into the one project preset. Besides directing the program to provide the correct space in the Edit Mode monitor and directing the program to show you certain disc menu sets, the project preset has other subtle features.


                                More in the morning unless I get a burst of information and post before midnight which is about an hour away here.




                                Add On...Being strictly an Elements Windows user, I hesitate to bring this up to an Elements Mac user. But if it applies ...have you determined that you have the latest version of your computer's video card/graphics card according to the web site of the manufacturer of your video card/graphics card?

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                                  Jerry Mann Level 1

                                  As an update on further testing...


                                  I had some "old" Auto Tone & Vibrance effects still associated with clips, but they were turned off. I deleted those old effects, but retained my AutoTone & vibrance effects that were manually adjusted as mention in my OP... result: still have the flashing.


                                  I deleted ALL Auto Tone and Vibrance effects, leaving the 3 way color effect, plus noise reduction and such. Result: All flashes (in my test 26 second output) are gone!


                                  I feel that I can confidently state that AutoTone & Vibrance has messed up my Shared video. Whether this would apply to other users with other cameras, presets etc, who knows?


                                  I am proceeding with finding a "clean" way to adjust color, contrast and exposure. I am bummed because for some reason AutoTone did a very nice job of smoothing out the skin tones, while retaining d-max and highlight control. Brightness and Contrast effect is not as good!


                                  On the bright side, I am glad I do not have to re-import the footage with new settings, as I put a lot of work into that 10 minute edit... albeit not as much work as trying to find out what was causing the flashes. Please do chime in, ATR, if you have comments on anything we have discussed in this thread!




                                  ATR, JUST SAW YOUR LAST POST.. I WILL READ IT AND REPLY.


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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                                    Jerry Mann


                                    Thanks for what is sounding like better and better news with each reply.


                                    At this point, projects settings alternatives do not appear to be a viable path at this time since you have gotten the wanted improvement when addressing the AutoTone and Vibrance in your present project set up.


                                    Nonetheless I will given my opinion on that tomorrow, to be filed away for if and when needed.



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                                      Jerry Mann Level 1

                                      What really helped me pinpoint the problem was ATR asking me to carefully check my so-called "previously successful project," to see if it has any troubles cropping up in it. It allowed me to determine if my system has developed any display problems, but more importantly made me more critically examine the work. I found troubles in what I thought was a clean output in that older project, and it led to my discovery that AutoTone and other Effects such as AutoContrast were causing the unevenness and flashing in my video images.


                                      What is really sad is that I cannot use AutoTone, even if I uncheck the 'auto' box and go manual with it. I have not found another effect in PE10 that matches the smooth application of contrast and exposure increase. Facial tones get very blotchy and over-saturated using Brightness & Contrast, and dragging down the Saturation sliders do not help. 3-way Color helps with the color, but has no exposure control. In the end I did use B&C and 3-way, but the result is much flatter than AutoTone.


                                      There appears to be plug-ins one can buy http://www.toolfarm.com/product/video_essentials/system_requirements but they are pricey, especially when I paid under $100 for PE in the first place. I am thinking about buying Final Cut, most current version, or version 7 which a friend recommended. Will it be any better at this?


                                      BY THE WAY, the original link for the 'complete' problem video has been taken down from YouTube. The corrected complete video will be live at


                                      later today.



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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7

                                        Jerry Mann


                                        Just starting my day. Almost afternoon already. So will be catching up to start.


                                        Going through your thread, it would appear that you are working with Premiere Elements 10.


                                        Would it be worth your while to download and install the free 30 day tryout of Premiere Elements 12 and give a look at its Auto Smart Tone Panel under its Adjust Tab in the Expert workspace?



                                        Under that same Adjust Tab is the Color Panel with options for Hue, Lightness, Saturation, and Vibrance.


                                        More later as I catch up.