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    Sluggish zooming in and out


      I cut together 30 minute long radio shows. I am using Audition CS6. Some stuff is recorded in house using audition. We record 32 bit 48k WAV files. We have people send us files and they use audacity and record 16-bit 48k WAV files. Typically I have 5-6 tracks. 4 of them have dialogue with effects, and the others are for music/intros/outros/etc and no additional effects applied to them. Also have a hard limiter on the master track. It does not matter whether the effects rack on the tracks are turned on or off. Some files just give me really terrible lag. I have to jump around a lot during editing and zoom in close to tighten something up, or jump somewhere else to move an entire section and when I get the zoom lag it really slows me down. I use cmd + mousewheel to zoom. Sometimes it takes 5-6 seconds before it is finally caught up.


      I can't figure out why, but sometimes I get really really sluggish zooming in and out. I can't replicate this. It is not on everyone's 16 bit recordings. Only certain people. They are also not computer people so I wouldn't be able to ask them what they are doing anyway. I have attached a screenshot of my file panel. Doubt it is going to help, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks