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    Finding a memory leak

    Royi Bernthal Level 1



      I'm trying to find objects that are left in memory (allocated - deallocated), and organize them by class name, to see what objects weren't garbage collected.


      Seeing allocated alone and deallocated alone is really troublesome when dealing with many objects, so I'd just like to see what objects are CURRENTLY occupying the memory.


      Something like this:


      ClassNameA: 56 (objects in memory at the moment, weren't garbage collected)

      ClassNameB: 78



      Is such a thing possible to do with Adobe Scout?

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          Terry Nguyen Level 1

          I think Flash Builder built-in profiler can analysis the information you need, but it's rather slow, memory-consuming.

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            Tristan g.



            Did you find a solution ?

            I'm looking for the same thing, how to see all object in memory like Royi Bernthal says ?

            I'm trying Adobe scout and I don't find.

            OK for the Flash builder debugger, but it is very very slow and has high memory-consuming.

            I thought the Adobe scout was created to replace the other profiler.

            Is someone from Adobe could answer us please ? Is it planned ?

            Because we will not update all our licences if adobe scout does not make this.


            Thank you