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    importing director movie in to a director movie

      I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to import a director movie in another director movie.
      I'm trying to do this because i want to publish a website with a background sound. So i done a director movie with only the sound and the on/of button. Inside this movie i want to import my homepage with all the links. In this way i should obtain a movie with sound and controls (on/of) that contains the site without the sound with all the pages. in this way the sound loops 4ever and when i click sound off this command will be valid for all the pages. (i don't know if it's correct but it should work...).
      The problem is: importing the director movie, the navigation don't work properly (roll over member change don't works, the links with the oter movie don't works and so on). I also checked that "enable script is on... but it don't works.... is there someone able to help me? Thankyou