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    Make Illustrator read external data, xml or txt and create files automatically


      Hello all,


      Has anyone automated AI so much so that it can read instructions from an external source like xml or txt and automatically creates files and folders.


      For example we have something like this:



      Font: Myriad

      Size: 22

      Colour: Pantone 254C

      Image 1.jpg (link)

      Source: Image1.png (link) clipart1.eps (link)




      and so on.


      I want AI CS5 to:

      1. create an eps File1, create a folder named File1, put File1.eps in it

      2. type the text Hello, apply Myriad 22pt and PMS 254 to it, centre it to the artboard

      3. Place all jpegs, pngs, eps source files on the artboard and embed them.

      4. Save the file as eps legacy version 10, close the file and move to the next file.