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    Why do deleted master page items appear in my PDF?


      We're running InDesign CS6 (version 8.0.1) in my office.

      When we override and delete a master page item from a page then save out the PDF, the deleted item still shows up in the PDF.



      We typeset a string of 250 trading cards.

      Each card is a separate page, in a single InDesign document, and are all based on one of several possible master pages.

      On the master page for a given card there are some graphic elements like symbols and directional arrows.

      During typesetting on a card that uses that specific master page we find one of the pointing arrows needs to be oriented in a different direction.

      We override the existing arrow and delete it, then replace it with the correct arrow (the arrows are placed graphics).

      The old arrow is no longer visible in the InDesign file.

      When it comes time to export the file for the printer we run a script that exports each page as a separate PDF.

      When we proof the PDFs, the card with the arrow adjustment still shows the deleted arrow, it is visible beneath the new arrow.

      If we save out that page by itself (with the script or manually), this problem doesn't occur.

      It only happens when we save out the entire set of cards at once or as a single, multi-page PDF.

      Though we typically use a script for the export, we still get the same result if we don't use the script.


      Anyone have any hints as to what's happening?