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    Multiuser XTRA connecting to NNTP server.


      Hi There

      Director 9.0 (MX 2004) running on Win 2000 Pro.

      So I connect to the nntp server using:

      res = gMUI.connectToNetServer(gUser, gPassword, gNNTP, gPort, "Test", 1 )

      and get a reply back stating:

      [#errorCode: 0, #recipients: ["<my login id>], #senderID: "<my usenet server id>", #subject: "String", #content: "200 NNTP server ready - posting allowed", #timeStamp: 0]

      But when I issue a:

      res = gMUI.SendNetMessage("system", "dummy", "GROUP alt.atheism")

      I don't get a response back through my default message handler.

      Seeing as I started on this about an hour ago, presumably I'm doing something terribly stupid.

      Your thoughts welcome!