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    Flex 2 beta 3  Menubar icon and dataprovider

      I am using following code:-
      <mx:MenuBar height="100%" labelField="@label" showRoot="true" iconField="Icon" >
      <menuitem label="AWB">
      <menuitem label="New AWB" Icon="@Embed(source='images/menu/create.jpg')"/>

      I hv 2 qtn:-
      1) how can i populate menubar(tried but failed) from an XML file as in flex 1.5.
      dataprovider="xmlsource" where xmlsource is the id for xml file.

      2) how can i show menuicons . in simple coding(as above)
      .And when using external xml source as dataprovider for menubar.

      early response appreciated!

      thanks in advance!

      vinay sharma