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    Adding a grunge texture to text in InDesign CS5.

    krissserz Community Member



      I would like to know the best way to add a grunge texture in InDesign. Here is an example I did using Pathfinder/Extract:




      There is however at least two problems to this technique:


      1. I have to convert my text into outlines;
      2. Seems like the Pathfinder "merges" both shapes together forever... If was in Illustrator, I would have used the Clipping Mask or the Opacity Mask. That would allow me to move my texture as needed in the future.


      I tried using the Paste Into method, but this technique ALSO seems to have at least two problems:


      1. I have to convert my text into outlines;
      2. Doing Paste Into keeps the color of my texture. The problem is, I need the "holes" to be transparent, not black!


      Am I missing something? Is there ways to do this with Effects?