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    Flash Player Support


      I have tried downloading/installing Flash Player at least 20 times. On each occasion it says "download sucessful". I have followed your procedures on the internet (enabling various elements...active scripting, the other name for Flash Player, etc). After the install I get "Thank you for installing Flash Player" I hope you enjoy usinhg it" etc., etc. A few times I saw the Flash Player Icon in the system tray but as soon as I get out of the web site it disappears. Afterwords, neither "downloads" ort "All Programs" do not have Flash Player in them. What am I diong wrong?


      To do the above, I have tried to follow your help web pages.


      I use Photoshop and Acrobat XI Pro. I'd sure like to have Flash Player operating.




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          Mike M Level 6

          You'll never find it in Programs because it ISN'T a program. It's a "plug-in" for your browser. You'll find it in C/Windows/System32/Macromed/Flash, and on 64 bit systems it's also in C/Windows/SysWOW64/Macromed/Flash.

          You'll see whether it's enabled by clicking the "gear" icon in IE and choosing "Manage Add-ons", or in Firefox, clicking Tools>Add-ons and looking under the Plug-ins tab.


          Oh, it's extremely unwise to post your personal info (phone number especially) in a PUBLIC FORUM. ID theft, stalking and worse can be done from just that tidbit. I'll have it removed but don't do it again.

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            JWsscreen Level 1





            Thanks.  I'm pr4etty much a "dummy" on this. I went to the manage add-ons

            and found nothing that talked/looked like flash player. The only Adobe stuff

            was three .pdf toolbars and 2 Java SSV helpers.




            Do I need to do something else?