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      i have a scrollpane on my stage at authoring time.
      then i have a comboBox with a listener, that on "change" puts my external .swf into the scrollPane.
      the problem: sometimes it works, and the scrollbars and the .swf show up, sometimes it doesn't, and the .swf loads on top of the scrollPane window which has no scroll bars, and goes beyond the extents of the scrollPane.....
      does anybody know how to fix this, or what the problem might be?

      thank you.
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          luciewong Level 1
          Hi, I have exact the same problem.
          When the ScrollPane loads its content, most time the content is not loaded into the size of the ScrollPane and no scrollBar appears,
          sometimes it works fine.
          Have you found a solution for that. Can you post it?

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            yarkehsiow Level 1
            unfortunately i was not able to find a solution, and i had to do it another way...
            i am not very advanced w/ AS, but i wonder if it has something to do with Flash trying to place the external .swf before the scrollPane is fully loaded? maybe that is why it works sometimes, but not always...
            anyway good luck, please let me know if you find anything.
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              luciewong Level 1
              Hi, yarkehsiow,

              I tell you, I was 3 days working on that, trying to get an swf into the scrollPane, sometimes it worked, sometimes not.
              When the scrollPane is inside another Movie clip, it just does n o t work.
              And I am not this bad in Flash. Because the scrollPane has no onInit function, you can't determine the size of the swf before Loading.
              Maybe some super gurus like Luigil or kglad know it better.
              The only way that is always working - put the swf file in a Movie clip and load that Movie clip from the library into the ScrollPane, this works.
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                yarkehsiow Level 1
                very good to know.
                thanks alot for the info!