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    Cache Problem with HTTPS

    the real POTMO
      Im making a large game and im running it on HTTPS for security. Now i have user complaining over the long loadingtimes. I downloaded a software called IEWatch (its a HTTP monitoring plugin for IE) and saw that all files where downloaded every time I asked for them.
      Further investigation showed me that they did send a HTTP-header called Cache-Control = "no-cashe" in the request.

      If i run the same HTML and the same dcr's on HTTP it doesnt send that Cache-Control header but it sends a If-Modified-Since = "Tue, 15 Feb 2005 18:42:32 GMT"

      Id like to use that if-modified-since header.
      Is there any way to control the HTTP-Header?
      I have a stub-movie (start.dcr) that loades the loader and the loader loads the game.
      Can I run the start.dcr on https and get the loader.dcr and game.dcr and globals.cct from http without popping a security window?
      Can it be any other workarounds on this.
      I Cant use any xtras that demands the user to press ok/install on. Autodownloading xtras is ok.

      /Thanks in advance
      Nisse Bergman
      Raketspel, Sweden