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    Rendering components in MX DataGrid

    olegkon Level 1



      I have tried to add Spark Dropdown, MX Checkbox and a Button in MX DataGrid

      (as FX Component in itemRenderer). Neither of them had any data, I just needed to see them displayed,

      but none of them displayed. Why?

      Each of them displayed fine outside of DataGrid

      Am I missing something?


      Using Flex 4.5.1.





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          olegkon Level 1



          I am able to render CheckBox and Button in MX DataGrid,

          but still can't use Spark DropDownList (or MX ComboBox)  inside MX DataGrid,

          and it’s not working – DDL doesn’t show up and cannot populate it.


          Here is my scenario:

          User Selects a Version from another DropDownList outside DataGrid,

          We capture that Version, and call Stored Proc with that version via Web Service,

          It returns us data which we need to populate inside these DropDown’s.


          So far I cannot make these components to show inside DataGrid.

          In fact, as soon as I try to put them in the DataGrid (as itemRenderer with Component),

          It freezes that Version DropDownList, so no more Selection of Version is possible.


          I found a few examples on the net where all that is done with DropDownList in Spark DataGrid,

          but it oesn’t seem to work in Flex3 ComboBox (and I can’t give ID to that component inside DataGridColumn,

          so I can’t manipulate it from outside.


          Any idea how to do that with Flex3 DataGrid?

          (we use Flex3 MX and datagrids/ADGs throughout that app, so switching to Flex4 DGs/ADGs is not an option). 


          Please help!