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    I need Adobe Illustrator Advice...fast!!!


      I have an AI created logo that was designed specifically for a signature in Microsoft Outlook and every time I add the logo, it is pixelated and blurry!!! I have tried .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .svg formats and nothing works. I'm going out of my mind on this!!! The client does not want to link the logo from the web, it has to be an uploaded file from his desk top. Please help so that I don't start lighting things on fire!!! Not really...but really...

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          Mylenium Legend

          What do you expect? A tiny pixel image will always look, erm, pixelated. Sorry, you are severely not understanding something here. This has been explained in numerous threads here on this forum, so look them up. You really can't do anything about it. ThatS the tradeoff when working for the web - anything that looks "right" proportionately to the text body will be effectively a small pixel image at 72 dpi.



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            Photocoach Newcomer

            If that is the case, how are some logos flawless in Outlook...what software are they using to produce the logo?

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              Jacob Bugge Legend



              For a non blurry image used on the web, in Outlook, and similar, you should make sure that the image has exactly the right size in pixel x pixel when you create it (you may create it in double size).


              Much blurriness is caused by size mismatch.

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                Mylenium Legend

                What Jacob said - design the artwork to spec and nail the size by explicitly defining pixel dimensions in the HTML text. despite this, the initial limitation remains - it's pixel data and something as trivial as the user having enabled browser-side scaling to get everything larger will resample the image and make it appear soft as may proportional scaling if e.g. an e-mail is fitted to a small preview window in teh mail program. Even simply using different browsers and programs already produces rendering differences. Generally you may be chasing for something unattainbale here. There is simply no way your image will look perfect under all conditions.



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                  Photocoach Newcomer

                  Yes Sir...tried that but still not perfect. I'll keep digging because there has to be a way. On a side note: I've bounced around the Illustrator forums for the last couple of days and have seen your name/responses repeatedly. You are extremely kind to offer so much assistance but more importantly, incredibly polite! On behalf of myself and the many out there, thank you for that!

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                    Jacob Bugge Legend

                    You are welcome, photocoach, and thank you for your kind words.


                    The information about it in the OP along with its not quite being there yet makes me ponder over the best solution(s).


                    My guess is that PNG24 may be the best format for both crispness and colour.


                    You may make a real difference by using the best suited anti alias option(s), depending on the artwork.


                    The choices are Type Optimized and Art Optimized, obviously best suited for Type (text) and for other artwork and less suited for the opposite.


                    You can choose a common anti alias setting for the whole logo in connexion with Save for Web (& Devices). It is hidden away in the Image Size window, where you can choose either; you should tick Transparency in the main window, of course, especially for artwork with non rectangular outer boundaries etc.


                    But when you have both Type and other artwork together, you can avoid the compromise of choosing the least worst: you can anti alias at a higher level and use both as follows (always keep and save a copy of the original artwork before you start destroying it):


                    1) Select the Type (just keep it live until then), then Effect>Rasterize, ticking Type Optimized in the options;

                    2) Select the other vector artwork, then Effect>Rasterize, ticking ArtOptimized in the options;

                    3) Select the already rasterized artwork and Save for Web (& Devices) with the anti aliasing in the Image Size window option set to None (still ticking Transparency for PNG24 or whatever).