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    Statistical center of layer

    EnsilZah Level 1

      Hi, my problem has to do with vertically aligning multiple lines of rasterized text that have ascenders and descenders that throw off the bounding box, example:




      I'm currently aligning them by the center point of the bounding box.

      I was wondering if there's any way to get a better approximation of the desired center point like the average of all the pixels or going line by line of pixels and checking for the point where there is a dropoff in the number of pixels compared to the previous line.

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          EnsilZah Level 1

          In case anyone is interested, the solution I found is as follows:


          Duplicate layer

          Squash the layer to 1px in width, thus creating an approximation of the density of pixels per line.

          Select the pixels.

          Go into quick mask mode, and use a threshhold depending on the density of pixels I want to discard.

          Use the resulting selection's bounds as a basis for aligning the original layer.