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    Trial version cant upload V12


      I am comparing this product with open source ones as I run two OS's. I can't upload anything using the trial version. The publish and share seems to be rendering and uploading and I have an account with Revel, but it completes and then immediately starts again. After 3 hrs today I had nothing.


      Is the trial limited in this way as well as the watermark? If not what is wrong - I am using high speed fibre optic net connection so bandwith is not the issue.


      Appreciate any help please.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you able to Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD using one of the YouTube presets?

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            Bhakti108 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response Steve


            The answer is no, I tried all that and no luck, except to render to computer as mpg file.


            To elaborate a little. I purchased the program last night, and after inputting my serial number, shut the program down, and rebooted the computer. I then started the program, loaded my project and went to upload. (it is a 24 min talk so I know it will take a while to upload)


            The progress bar indicated it was uploading and after nearly an hour, it was at 98% - but that was as far as it went for about 5 minutes. It then suddenly cleared the bar and restarted the upload from 0% again. No error messages, or other information appeared. This activity alos occurred in the trial version and I left it go then and it repeated the sudden cessation of upload and start again also at the 98% mark.


            Finally last night I saved it to computer as mpg and then opened my Revel account, and directly uploaded the file into an album. I have just checked it and all is good. However I am now finding difficulty in obtaining the link to share it with. I have followed the main forum discussion on it, but after clicking ‘share’ I don’t get another screen telling me what the link URL is. I have clicked the file to open it and play in my browser and then copied that URL from the address bar but when posted into a different browser, it simply takes me to the Revel sign in page.


            Needless to say, I am a little frustrated.


            Appreciate any help and if its not rude, I really need the answers quiet quickly as I have a deadline to share the completed video by in a few days time.


            Thank you once again.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              The Premiere Elements 12 tryout should be full feature but does include the Adobe watermark.


              I looked at Adobe Revel a while back and was concerned about its inclusion in a video editor (purchased or not).

              Please review my report on this matter in my blog post.



              My first look at the Adobe Revel feature in Premiere Elements 12 was done in September October 2013, and I have not revisited the exploration of the feature since although I intend to eventually. But curiously I have found that albums that I created them have disappeared from Adobe Revel, and I did not delete them. So, I need to figure out what that is all about.


              More in a few more moments.



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                Bhakti108 Level 1

                Thanks ATR


                I thought I had got the Revel Link worked out, as after copying the URl after opening my video in my browser and then putting it in an email, I coupld open the video. But when I sent it to a freind, - no go, this is what my friend said


                "The link just takes me to my own adobe video / picture section (after I had logged in)."

                So I don't think the Revel share is going to be much good to me at this moment, and after reading your article as well, I can see it has some issues. For a novice like me, the concept seems good, but the application seems poor. 

                Thanks for the help.  Any further suggestions gratefully recieved.


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Have you checked the Adobe Revel Forum




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                    Bhakti108 Level 1



                    I can now publish to YouTube, don't know what has altered but at least I can do that, which is what I wanted anyway. Would still be nice to sort Revel out though.


                    Also please advise -- the upload limit is for a 15min video, but I have activated allowing longer videos on my YouTube channel -- however PE still wont let me upload, even though YouTube will accept.



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                      Bhakti108 Level 1

                      Thanks ATR


                      Yes spent a few hours last night scrolling around in there. Couldn't find anything to match the issue I am having.


                      It must be an integration thing I reckon, though not being a software geek I don't profess to know anythingmuch on that side.



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        I have something that should work for you.


                        1. Export your Premiere Elements 12 Timeline content to a file saved to the computer hard drive.

                        (for now I am assuming that your have a 1920 x 1080 project preset).


                        2. As your export use Publish+Share/Computer/Computer/AVCHD with Presets = MP4 - H.264 1920 x 1080p30.


                        3. Go to the Adobe Revel web site and sign in with your Adobe ID and password.

                        Upload your Premiere Elements 12 AVCHD.mp4 from the computer hard drive save location to your library at Adobe Revel. After the upload, right click the thumbnail for your upload and select Email Image. The email that opens should have the direct link (URL) to the Adobe Revel image at the Adobe Revel web site.


                        You should not run into a sent email which leaves the recipient to insert an ID and Password.


                        Please let me know if the works for you. I road tested it tonight and it worked.





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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Just saw your note to SG. Premiere Elements 12 Publish+Share/Social Websites/YouTube gives you max 2.0 GB/15.0 min 0.0 second whether or not you have extended time arrangement with YouTube. The latter applies to your upload to YouTube at the YouTube web site, not to the Premiere Elements 12 Publish+Share/Social Websites/YouTube.



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                            Bhakti108 Level 1

                            Thanks ATR – got stuck in the upload and its only 120Mbps but the upload wouldn’t complete. I did do one to the HDD of an flv, and then successfully uploaded it to YouTube and that was about 160mbs.




                            Reading on line seems a lot of people have this issue with Revel of uploads not completing. Maybe it’s just not good enough yet.




                            Thanks for all the help