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    Is it possible to have multiple ToCs in webhelp Output that can be chosen as per user role/client?


      Our product consists of multiple modules, say, modules-1 thru’ module-8.  We may sell all 8 modules or some of them – in different combinations to different customers. I’ve been developing the online help along the same lines, viz., in modules, help-1 thru’ help-8. Each help module has its own TOC.  Depending on the requirement for a particular customer, I would integrate the requisite modules, build the main TOC using the existing mini-TOCs for each help, build the browse sequence and compile. This has been my routine till now.


      Now the Product Development team wishes to automate this process: for instance, they want me to provide the help output for the 8 help modules in integrated form, along with separate TOCs for different combination of modules for different customers, like, help modules 1-to-8, 1-2-3, 1-5-6, etc.  They feel the moment this TOC is dropped into the help output, it should automagically start functioning - without compiling!


      I explained the process used in developing Robohelp projects, how the TOCs are built, etc., but they want to know if there is a work around, so that when a customer requires modules 3, 7 and 8, they can immediately drop the TOC (for 3-7-8) into the project output and it should function – without compiling or anything of that sort. I tried Google and Adobe Forum, but couldn’t find anything suitable.


      Do we have a workaround? A solution to this issue?