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    Lens Corrections unavailable in Adobe Camera Raw 8.3



      I am hoping someone may be able to help with a perplexing problem I have encountered with ACR 8.3. When I open RAW images in ACR 8.3 and select Lens Correction I get the message "Unable to locate a matching lens profile automatically" with either Default or Auto selected as Setup. When Custom is selected I get the message "unable to load lens profile".

      The strange thing is that if I open the image in Adobe Photoshop CC and select Filter -> Lens Correction the lens profile I am looking for is automatically selected. Interestingly there are also many other lens profiles in the pull down menu not listed/displayed in ACR 8.3.

      Does anyone know why this is and also how to mirror the lens corrections available in Photoshop CC in ACR 8.3?

      Many thanks,