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    Projects with .MXF Files crashing.


      This is the second project that I have noticed this happening. The last one wasnt so drastic, because it was only 1 file. I rendered the .mxf file as a quicktime in media encoder, and the problem was gone. But now I have another project that must be reworked, and it is a long edit with just .mxf files.

      the error is:


      After effects error: Error (4) reading frame from file "D:\PROJECT DATA\unternehmen aus der region\films\OptikGeistRaw\CONTENTS\VIDEO\00055B.MXF".


      The material is from a P2 card.


      Please help, this is really bloody frustrating. Everytime I move the time indicator in a sequence, it hangs for 30 seconds, and I get the error message again.


      HP Z820, Win7 pro, 64 gig RAM, Nvidia Maximus, AE CC


      Thanks in advance...



      EDIT: Project works fine in CS6. Whats going on?