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    Premiere Elements 11


      Adobe Premiere Elements 11 problems.
      After reinstalling my Premiere Elements 11, two days ago did the program without any problem. While I am now two days later starting the program, I will not go beyond the task 'initiates programs'.
      Mark in the box for 'disable product' made at uninstallation, to allow reinstallation.

      Now I want to know how I should do to get my reinstalled programs to work again.

      Bengt Pettersson

      bengt.pettersson @ bahnhof.se

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Begt Pettersson


          When you reinstalled the program, did the program accept your purchased serial number? I am assuming yes.


          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 11 running on? For now I will assume Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit.


          Have you disabled the antivirus program? What antivirus program do you use?


          Please clarify whether

          a. you are just trying to open the program

          b. you are just trying to open a new project from the Welcome Screen

          c. you are just trying to open an existing project from the Welcome Screen


          If you have not followed the following step, please try


          1. Deactivate Premiere Elements 11 (in opened program Help Menu/Deactivate). Since you cannot open the program, you will have to leave this step out and move on to the next step.


          2. Uninstall Premiere Elements 11 using the Control Panel/Installed Programs way.


          3. Run the computer through the ccleaner program (regular cleaner and registry cleaner parts) to get rid of any leftovers from incomplete uninstalls and reinstalls.



          4. Reinstall the program with the antivirus and firewalls disabled.


          Please let us know the outcome.


          Thank you.



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            Xry9k Level 1

            A.T. Romano

            I have followed your instructions but still I can not start the video editor in Photoshop Elements 11.
            Here is a list of my actions.

            A / No objection during installation. Bought one (1) installation.
            B / Windows 7 , 64 bit
            C / Virus program inactivated (F-Secure ) . The firewall is disabled.

            After reinstalling , I now can reach Elements The Welcome . Selects the Organizer , it functions is addressed. Selects Video Editor / New Project , I will not proceed without the application closes .
            It gets the same results in Video Editor / Existing projects .

            1. -

            2. Uninstalled Premiere Elements 11 through the Control Panel / Programs and Features. Marked in the uninstall to reinstall the software.

            3. Driven CCleaner / Filstädning and CCleaner / Clean register. Verified that all files and directories Adobe is removed from the computer.

            4. Reinstalled Premiere Elements with F-Secure and firewall disabled.

            Many thanks for your help, but I need to move on to solve the problem .

            Bengt ( Xry9k )

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Sorry the news was not better. Thanks for looking at the troubleshooting suggestions. But, did I understand correctly that we made one advancement, that is, the Elements Organizer 11 now opening?


              Just in case note, are you able to get into the Premiere Elements workspace if, in the Elements Organizer 11 workspace, you right click a video and select Edit with Premiere Elements Editor?


              Have you checked Computer/Manage/Event Viewer/Windows Logs/Applications to look for an error message that are associated with the attempts to install and run Premiere Elements 11?


              Also, please check out the hosts file to determine if it looks like


              The path to the above in Windows 7 64 bit is

              Local Disk C





              and in the etc Folder is the hosts file that you right click, select Open, and the Notepad.


              This is based on the following thread often pointed to in spite of the fact that Premiere Elements is not mention specifically in it.



              Please review and then decide if any of the above worked for you.


              Thank you.