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    using text editor


      I have CS5. I want to place text from a file. I know how to place the whole thing with the "place" command, but how do I open the file in a text editor so that I can take just part of it?

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          Rita Amladi JapanEmployeeModerator

          Hi Gomar,


          Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're attempting, you should be able to open a text file in any text editor installed on your machine. Once open, you can select the text you wish to use in InDesign and copy it to the clipboard. Then, in InDesign, click with the Type tool to add an insertion point and choose "Paste" from the Edit menu in InDesign. This will add the copied text to the document in InDesign. You may later style it as the instructor shows in the fourth video in the tutorial: "Style your text."


          Hope this helps!



          Rita Amladi