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    PackageInspectionFailed - for non-debugger Fast Launch only

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1

      Hello, more PackageInspectionFailed errors. Adobe, please provide more details about this error!


      Can someone help? I'm stuck trying to create a release build and can't get past PackageInspectionFailed.


      FlashBuilder 4.7, AIR 3.9, targeting iOS (6), building on Windows7 platform.


      I can successfully build a debug version using Fast Packaging.


      When I use the exact same run configuration, but choose the Run option instead of the Debug option, I get PackageInspectionFailed, and no further information.


      I have:

      - Cleaned the project (multiple times)

      - Deleted the bin-debug folder contents

      - Re-created all assets.

      - Restarted the system.

      - Cursed loudly.


      Nothing seems to work, and there is just no further information to be gleaned about what is causing this error. Any other tricks would be helpful, but more helpful than anything else would be a comprehensive list of conditions that cause this error!


      Many thanks to the community in advance for your help on this. I don't imagine I'm the only one.