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    Alpha handling for legacy plugins


      Hello, I'm using the Softimage, SGI & Alias file formats (from CS6 downloads maybe?) and I recall upon running a very recent Photoshop CC update I saw a prompt when opening a Softimage .pic file:


      Do you want to treat alpha as layer transparency or as a mask?   I clicked layer transparency but now I notice when exporting to those formats I get a premult backing to the image that is NOT correct as the black only hits the very pixel edges of the object and white extends past that.  This means when a 3D renderer interpolates pixels in the distance it picks up the white values in the oversampling/mipmapping and samples the edge COLOR (not the mask) and gives white/grey fringing and white pixels in the distance that are difficult to suppress.

      How do I reset this preference?  I *completely* reset all PS CC preferences in my user folder AND in the registry by deleting & rebuilding, also did the ctrl+alt+shift trick...