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    Minimum player to watch video Component

      i have to give the minimun requirements to a customer to watch a video contribute created using FLASH MX 2004, exported for player 7 in AS2.
      To be sure which minimum version of Flash player 7 to use, i disinstalled my plug in( 8), downloaded the old version of plug in (flashplayer7r63)...but it seems to not work!! i see the movie but not the video clip (component connect to an FLV video created with Sorenson Squeeze)!!

      is there a patch or an upgrade for player 7 to watch and use video component (FMX2004)... may be a different release.. is it a problem of Active x?
      I have to tell to the customer wich version of player 7 use and it seems the correct answer is none! use the 8!!
      is it possible....???
      on another pc i can watch the clip but i guess it's a different ActiveX setting ..... cannot understand!!

      thanks in advance!