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    Open .prel file in PE 11 when created in PE 12


      A colleague and I are working jointly on some video editing. She sent me her .prel file, created in Premiere Elements 12. I am unable to open it in Premiere Elements 11. The error message I get states: " An unknown error occurred while opening the project." I have all of the video footage on my PC, so all I need is the .prel file, but I cannot open it in PE 11.


      Is this a known issue?

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A .prel file created in a newer version will not likely be able to be opened in an earlier version.

          It is recommended to always finish a project in the version which it was created.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Project files are not generally backwards compatible so no surprise that one edited in 12 won't open in 11. And Mac project files and PC project files are incompatible even if same version.


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              rebadler Level 1

              Thanks kindly for the info.


              This is regrettable...incompatibility like this is a strike against collaborative work, which is a necessity among consultants working on projects together.


              I purchased AE 11 a few months back and I think the following week version 12 was announced. Since the two versions are very similar you'd think that the project files would be compatible between the two. I encouraged a colleague to purchase PE so that we could work on some videos together. She purchased hers after me, so therefore has version 12. Now we can't collaborate unless I (and the other consultants who work with me) all move to PE 12.


              Adobe's business model seems geared toward big corporations only, not independent contractors or small businesses.


              Thanks again for the rapid responses!

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                As has been echoed in your thread, Premiere Elements does not permit the editing of a project.prel from a later version in an earlier one. There was one rare exception involving Premiere Elements 10, but consider that rare and ill advised to pursue. Anyway, your issue seems to resolve around versions 11 and 12.


                I suspect that what you would like would be an offering from Adobe targeted for the higher end products, such as Premiere Pro CC.


                Have you seen that type of Adobe approach?



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                  rebadler Level 1

                  Thank you for the link!


                  Adobe Anywhere looks to be targeted to video professionals (and I can see where it would be very useful to them from an asset-sharing standpoint alone). My team and I work on very short, simple, vignette videos for use in web-baesd training. These videos typically have a short shelf life and small budget, so the consumer-level tool is adequate for us.


                  Thanks again for responding and offering the information!