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    Analysis solve failed 3d tracking text

    Aerial videographer

      I have a video I want to add 3d tracking text on https://vimeo.com/85625703


      Video is shot with an aerial drone.


      The video was edited and created in Premiere (CC). I imported the entire .mov movie and after an hour of camera tracking is said "analysis solve failed"


      One client who has used my work has already successfully added text with AE to some of my aerial clips on the film I gave him so I know it is possible.


      Please can you help me?


      I would really appreciate it!


      Many thanks



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The video you provided is a show reel with a bunch of shots. From your description I'm guessing that you tried to track the entire sequence. You cannot track a sequence. You must separate every individual shot into a separate shot and track each one individually.


          Think about it. You are asking the software to look for the changes in geometry as the perspective shifts while the camera moves, figure out what the camera focal length and position is, calculate a solution then detect when the shot ends and new one starts, then start the process all over again for the new camera angle. The first part of the equation is tough enough. Throw in a second angle and the solution will break.


          The other things you must have are fixed geometric shapes or details that are not moving in relation to the ground. IOW, if you have a shot of a bunch of cars moving on a freeway trackers will attach themselves to the cars and the terrain. You'll have one set of markers moving one way and another set moving another. The only way to calculate a solution is to remove all markers that attach themselves to the cars.

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            Aerial videographer Level 1

            Thanks Rick! Ok I thought that AE would identify the change in clips but obviously not. As I created the original film in Premiere I imported the Premiere film to keep all the clips in sequnce, however, it seems to import everything from the BIN. So I guess I need to kno whow to import the finished premiere film - but keep the clips or alternatively import the finished complete film and perhaps put the clip markers in myself????

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There are two options. Both are BASIC AE/PPro skills.


              The first is to right click on any single shot in PPro and select New AE Comp from Selection. Do your Camera tracking and add your text in AE and then go back to PPro to complete the shot.


              Second, Just duplicate your rendered footage and trim the in and out points of each shot you want to track in AE.


              A third option is to plan what you are going to use in your final project and track and add effects in AE before you cut in PPro. That's what I would do in most cases.