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    sandbox error with loadMovie (access before fully loaded spits error)

      I have read all the posts on sand box errors. I have tried everything I have found to disable them. It took for ever but I figured out that after I call a loadMovie() if I do anything to the clip as it is being loaded before its fully loaded it spits a sandbox error, then since I have a mouse event attached it floods my trace window with about 50 error messages a second on a rollover. In my case I am using a simple setInterval to check and see if I MC has been loaded so I can attach the mouse events too it. Trouble is when run locally (just has to be right now). When it checks the bytesloaded if its not 100% it freaks out like the world is going to end. I have to set my setInterval to 10000 just to make sure each clip has time to load and when your loading 45+ images its just a pain in the *** to wait. Has anyone else run into this issue and found away around it?