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    The editable rectangles of my still photos in the composition panel suddenly stopped showing up.


      Hi There, Adobe Community!


      I am relatively new to After Effects CC and am using it to create a stop motion film with a large amount of photos.


      Usually, when importing the individual images into my composition panel, a sequence of editable rectangles appears in the compostition panel allowing me to edit the frame length of the still photos.


      After around 950 imported images, the little rectangles suddenly stopped showing up. But when looking at a preview of the project, it's as if the photos are in there, in the sequence they should be. I'm just unable to edit them like the previous ones with recangles showing.


      I probably am not describing this too well, so here is a screen shot which hopefully makes my problem somewhat more clear. The area of issue is where you see the descending sequence of boxes in the comp panel. The red tracking bar is there to show that there are still photos continuing the sequence, I just can't see the boxes for em..

      Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 3.30.46 PM.png

      thank you so much for any help in the matter!