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    Cannot Change Color in Stage, creationComplete, on Launch

    Fred Tacon Level 1

      This may be a little hard to explain, but I am on Edge Animate 3.0, and I am experiencing an issue with dynamically changing the color of a div when I put the code in Stage, creationComplete.


      In the sample file I have shared, I have defined two functions. One changes the color of tabs and changes the text for the active tab. The other displays the hex and rgb values of a div that is passed to it.


      In both cases, when the functions are triggered with click events, they work as expected. However, at the bottom of creationComplete, I call both functions to initialize starting values on launch.


      With the tab function, the text changes as expected, but the tab color does not change to make tab 1 active.


      With the color function, the hex and rgb values are not displayed.


      Again, when you start clicking on tabs and cubes, you will notice that it works just fine.


      One note, I am using the rgbcolor.js library to get the hex value. However, it only is used in one of the functions, and I was experiencing this issue with the tabs before I add rgbcolor.js to the project.


      Any thoughts you may have on what may be causing this issue will be greatly appreciated.




      Sample Project Files: