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    Expanding text fields for printing


      I have created my first form and saved it as a pdf.  in general it looks good but even though the text fields are expandable and grow I can't see all of the text once the form is printed.  What can I do? Is there a setting somewhere I am not aware of? 



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          In the PDF you download from the "Distribute" tab that users fill out the text areas don't "expand" but they scroll to accomodate the text.    In PDF in general printing will not print the entire multi-line text fields, however, we made an enhancement in the "Response PDF" that you can downoad.  If you go to the "View Responses" tab and "Download response as PDF" you will get a PDF of the form with the users responses, in this PDF the multi-line text boxes are all expanded to fit the text so that when you go to print this PDF it will print the entire response text.