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    Evolution property on Fractal Noise

    hooplife Level 1

      I am a very beginner in after effect, done some investigating and am currently trying to:





      "Animate the Evolution property over time by using an expression such as time*90 (which will give you one complete evolution every four seconds)."


      2) Add the Set Matte effect to the solid layer (Effect> Channel>Set Matte) and choose your text layer as the source layer. (How do i select the source layer)


      3) "Add some subtle gradients and vignettes to your composition with masked solids or the Ramp effect, or use textures with - or as - track mattes."



      This is from the following article:



      http://www.creativebloq.com/after-effects/pro-after-effects-tips-21227 12


      Just not sure which / where to do those things