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    Flashplayer Won't Install


      I have an Asus Eee Pad Transformer T101. When, during the original setup of the device, I was advised by pop-up to upgrade the Android OS, I complied. Upon completion of the setup, I got a pop-up suggesting that I download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. I attempted to do so, but the download was never completed because I got a pop-up  stating that my device is not compatible with Adobe Flash Player. I contacted Asus, explained the problem and was told that the Android OS 4.0.3 requires all downloads to come from Google Plaly Store and they don't offer Adobe Flash Player. Sooooo, I'm SOL!

      Is there a work-around for this problem? Many of the apps I would like to have require AFP to work.  HELP! BTW, I wrote to Google/Android and To Adobe to try to resolve this problem. No answer from Google/Android. Reply from Adobe in 2 days, but not a solution I feel comfortable with.