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    Fullscreen Woes


      Hi guys; 


      As a preface - fairly new to AC3 and Flash in general; but I'm trying to design a basic flash environment for a Kiosk.


      I've gotten as far as functional buttons; as well as a bit of script to hide/show play/restart different videos on various button presses.   My problems are coming around as a result of full-screening the video.


      Initially I had a problem as my otherwise persistent buttons would disappear when full-screening in Flash Player 12. 


      I used the following script to fix the issue.  



      history.addChildAt(button222, 2); 


      ("history" is an instance of FLVPlayback - in this particular file it's the only video present. This video plays automatically; and is the full size of my stage. Button111 and Button222 are, as you may have guessed - simple buttons.) 


      However; I am now facing an issue regarding positioning on fullscreening which I cannot seem to find a solution for.


      Re-scaling the Flashplayer window results in the correct (relative to my stage) scaling of both of my buttons (in both size AND position - http://imgur.com/QGjRUjE );unfortunately upon full-screening the position and size of my buttons is completely off: http://imgur.com/tVzKENG 


      I simply have to ask - what happens to the positioning when Flash is fullscreened? Is there any way to use relative positioning which applies to full-screen elements?  


      Thanks in advance! 


      (Flash Professional CC - Updated; AC3 on Windows 7)