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    I need help creating Airplane fuel calculation sheet  ???


      A320 fuel calc sheet.jpg


      this A320 aircraft fuel distribuation sheet. I am trying to make the calculation automatic instead of the regular hand calculation.



      the aircraft consist of 6 fuel tanks they are(L/H INNER, R/H INNER, CENTER, L/H OUTER, R/H OUTER, ACT). I put 3 columns tank capacity, befor, and after

      each tank has a max capacity and it shown in front of the tank name for example L/H INNER has a max capacity of 5450.

      I am trying to make the after column filled autmaticaly. "After" column quantity  must not exceed the capacity of the specified tank, for example as you see the quantity for L/H INNER is 5815 which is wrong because it shoud not exceed the max quantity the tank capacity can hold which is 5450.


      the tanks should be filled in the fallowing sequance : L/H OUTER, R/H OUTER, L/H INNER, R/H INNER, CENTER,  ACT.


      so my problem is filling in sequance and setting up a max quantity for each tank in the AFTR column. 

      I am trying to make this form in Acrobat XI pro using JavaScript.

      please if you can help I would really appriciate it.

      best regards