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    creating dynamic objects AS 3

      hey i want to create dynamic objects at runtime but in AS 3...
      i am not able to find a solution...
      suppose there is one class named Box.i want to create 25 objects of Box class.i tried by doing this
      public var i:Number;
      for(i=0; i<25; i++)
      this["box" +1] = new Box(a,b,"str"+i);

      where a and b are the x and y co-ordinates of the newly created object...It throws me this error
      Error: Property box0 not found on Trial and there is no default value.
      at Trial/drawShape()
      at Trial$iinit()

      Trial.as is the name of the file

      Can anyone help me in that.
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          Level 7
          public var i:Number;
          for(i=0; i<25; i++)
          var box:Box = new Box(a,b,"str"+i);
          box.name = "box"+i;

          var target:DisplayObject = this.getChildByName("box"+i);
          trace(this.getChildIndex(target)); // 0

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            RajeshatOinam Level 1
            hey thanks man ...it worked.......thank you very much... and ya one more thing
            how do we change color of those box objects ...i mean i created those objects using yr technique...
            the box classes possess following properties and functions
            1) xCord:Number
            2) yCord:Number
            3) strName:String
            4) boxColor:uint
            5) b:MovieClip

            public function changeColor(uint);void


            what i want to do is in ma class where i created objects i want to change color of those objects so i added EventListener there itself..here what the code looks like

            for(i=0; i<5; i++)
            var box:Box = new Box(startGridX,startGridY,"box"+i);
            box.name = "box"+i;
            startGridX = startGridX + 52;
            public function mouseHandler():void

            what i want is when i click on any of the box objects created i want to change the color of those objects

            but i dont know what to write in that mouseHandler function....
            please help