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    Disappearing images

      I have been creating a large project that includes audio, video, text, images and animations.
      I'm pretty much done with the project and haven't seen any problems with it running on my computer.

      However, when I loaded it onto a different computer, some images were not showing up. There are multiple types of images,too ( jpeg's and png's).
      I believe that I have included all the necessary extras into the project, as I clicked the check button to embed them into the projector. (For the standard xtras within director, do I need to copy the file from my installation files to the xtras folder for my project?)
      Not sure what the problem may be, but my deadline is this week and need to figure this problem out. as it will be published to a dvd for duplication.
      Any input would be appreciated.
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          If you are linking to or importing external images at run time you need
          to provide your projector with Mix Services and the various image-format
          xtras - like PNG Import Export
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            Fanaka72 Level 1
            Thanks. I have linked the video and larger animations to external sources and am not having any issues with them.

            As for the images, I embedded all of them into the project, so that is why I don't understand why they would not be showing up.
            Additionally, some of the images are showing up ok. But others do not.

            For a little background, the project is large. I have 11 different modules, each contained within its own movie.
            I have linked each movie through the main menu.

            When I have run into problems, it seems that the missing images are all part of the same module. And it's every image within that module, not just one or two.
            I checked each image to make sure that it had been embedded. So I'm unsure what to do next.
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              No error messages anywhere?
              Are all the missing images in the same castLib?
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                Fanaka72 Level 1
                Yes, all the missing images are in the same cast.
                Additionally, I do get the cannot locate message when the new movie opens.
                But again, doesn't that usually only happen with linked files rather than embedded?
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                  Casts can themselves be either internal or external. If a cast is external,
                  then you must include it with the movie. Most developers like to protect
                  external casts.

                  It sounds like you inadvertantly made the cast external however. I'm not
                  sure if you can change it to an internal cast at this point, but you should
                  be able to create a new internal cast then drag all of the cast members from
                  the external cast into this new internal cast. If you have referenced this
                  cast explicitly, you will have to change those references.

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                    The easiest way to make sure you have all the xtras you need is to open
                    your file in Director. Then import one file of each type you need.. one
                    jpg, one gif, one png, one tif, one tga, one pict, etc. One of each type
                    that you plan on using.

                    Do not delete those members, even though you are not using them.

                    Click on File, Save and Compact.

                    Now delete those members that you are not using.

                    Click on File, Save and Compact again.

                    That should add all of the runtime xtras for all the different file types.
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                      Fanaka72 Level 1
                      Dave C
                      It sounds like you inadvertantly made the cast external however.

                      That is exactly what happened. Rookie mistake.
                      Everything is working correctly now.
                      Thanks for everyone's input.