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    Cinematic Widescreen


      My initial project presets are 1920 by 1080, 23.976fps(shooting on a t3i). I would like to export in 2.35:1 or any close cinematic widescreen ratio. When I export I change the frame width and height to 1920 by 816. When the video is exported I have bars on all 4 sides instead of just on the top and bottom.AWWW. I have exported with the "chain link" on and off...no difference. How do I get the cinematic aspect ratio I tell premiere the custom frame width and hight that I want in the "share" tab but it will NOT do it I have Premiere Elements 10.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements can only create projects and output video in 4:3 and 16:9. You can not create a custom aspect ratio for your video in this program.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            There is a frame aspect ratio (SAR), a pixel aspect ratio (PAR), and a display aspect ratio (DAR).

            SAR = DAR/PAR

            Depends which one is being referred to as "custom aspect ratio".


            Just some trivia which I suspect is not going to change your situation.


            If you look at Premiere Elements 10 Share/Computer/Windows Media and under the Advanced Button/Video Tab, you will indeed see an opportunity to enter a Custom Pixel Aspect Ratio.




            Note that there is a Pixel Aspect Ratio choice of 2:1, so typing 2:1 in Custom would not seem needed.




            However, when you export that, the VLC and Windows Media Play present that as an elongated strip with the image sandwiched between two large black borders. And, if you look at the "aspect ratio" situation in a program such as gspot, one finds:


            If 2:1 set...

            SAR = 1.778 (16:9)

            PAR = 2.000 (2:1)

            DAR = 3.556 (32:9)


            If 3:1 set...

            SAR = 1.778 (16:9)

            PAR = 3.000 (3:1)

            DAR = 5.333 (16:3)


            The Custom set is for hold number...if you enter 2.5, the number will be 3. If 2.35 is entered, the number will be 2.


            Besides Windows Media, in certain places, QuickTime Export Settings also include a Custom set for Pixel Aspect Ratio under Advanced Button/Video Tab.


            Just some thoughts.




            Add On...


            Have you experimented with what is called the pixel aspect ratio of the player?

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              silvamark1 Level 1

              Thanks for your input A.T. Romano.Yes, I have done several test altering the pixel aspect ratio and it does not produce what I want. I have put the pixial aspect ratio on 2.21.1 and 16x9 in conjunction with altering various combinations of the frame hight and width from standard 1920 by1080 and 1920 by 816 with no success.


              On the pic below, I don't understand why changing the frame height from 1080 to 816 does not give me what I want upon exportation. You can do the same thing when selecting export via share/computer/MPEG, but it just puts bars all around it. Why offer the ability to change this if it doesn't respond to what your telling it to do, I'm confused That's why I am holding out on the possibility that some combintion, that someone has tried actually works. It seems like we should be able to do it...