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      I got director8 and have the task to show a made avi-file as background and show som button in front which sholud be clickable and linked to an other animation.
      at the moment it loks like that it is impossible to put a bmp in front of an avi???
      is this true? is the onliest solution to recalc the avi into sequential bmp's and importing them allone???
      or is ther something else which can manage this more easier? - the function "put in foreground" will not work during the avi runs no bmp's were shown...

      any help is wellcome
      best regrads
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          Yes, AVI files will always run direct to stage in Director. This means
          that nothing can play on top of the AVI.

          If you can, reformat your digital video using some other player as your
          target. Quicktime would work.

          Then you can set the dv member to be not direct to stage. Then you will
          be able to show other sprites on top of the digital video. However, this
          setting may also cause your digital video and/or the rest of your
          Director movie may play back very poorly.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            SonyLGI Level 1
            ;.( hmm sad story... I don't like to reduce the quality...it seem that I have to import the rendered images from the avi seperate as bmp... just 1000 frames ...hmmm but I'll gave qt a chance...
            best thanks for your reply