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    Expanding & Dropdown Hotspots

      I use RoboHelp X5. I currently use in all my help screens expanding and dropdown hotspots. I use the dropdowns to display the business rules of a screen and another for the field and button names and descriptions. I use the expanding for words in a topic that need a description.
      Everything has been working fine until today when I went in to edit some details in the dropdowns and there it was empty!!!! There was nothing displaying HOWEVER when I clicked on ‘View Selected Item’ and clicked on the hotspot word of Business Rules it displayed the contents of the hotspot. So why is it in editing that I now cannot see the contents and when you view the topic and click on it.....it displays? Can someone please help me? I'm desperate……
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Have you tried enlarging the window when editing to see if the text is there somewhere? Also try clicking in the editing window and then hitting Ctrl A and Ctrl C then switch to Word or Notepad and hit Ctrl V.

          I am wondering if a style has been changed so that, for example, you have a six inch left margin and just cannot see the text.

          I once needed a dropdown that was heavily indented and I saw that effect.

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            samseal Level 1
            Thanks Peter, I have opened RoboHelp this morning and all is OK. No styles have been changed so maybe just a glitch and I had to shutdown and start again. Early morning gremlins!!!!!