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    Understanding the "Collect Files" Function

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      Just a quick one (for a change ), I am testing some speed realted configs on our machines before we go ahead and get new hardware and am having a little trouble getting my head around "Collecting files" <-- which I thought was pretty simple till now.


      I have a project saved on our server (footage etc was originally collected to this location) and once opened, I removed a few comps and unused layers etc. I did a "Reduce", saved, and then collected the files to my local drive. I closed the Comp. I re-opened it from my local drive, but when I right click a footage file and select "Reveal in Explorer" -  I am taken back to the server drive. I then broke the network connection between my PC and the network, rechecked, and the location then shows my local hard drive.


      I took this one step further, and collected the files into another location on my hard drive. When I reveal the footage, it goes to the original location. I then closed all, renamed the old folder, opened the newly saved project and saw that the files were now "revealed" in this new location. I closed the Comp, renamed the original location to its original name, opened the new comp, and it was pointing back to the original locations.


      I always thought that collecting files created a new copy of your project, along with all source (excluding third party plug ins and fonts) and then used this as the new location for all its files. Am I understanding this wrong, or have I made a mistake during my testing process?



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          Pierre Devereux Level 2

          Just a quick add, moving the collected files and source footage to my local PC did not seem to increase the performance that much. Even placing the files on my local SSD drive was not that much better - I will admit that I only have the two local drives SSD having OS and Adobe installation files, the secondary drive being a 3tb external USB drive containing Cache.


          I hope to build a new PC soon with SSD OS drive, Seperate SSD Cache drive, Seperate internal SATA Source footage drive. I am in the middle of a hardware discussion in another forum, thrashing out what would be the best build for our particular requirements - and speaking of which, is there a link that can be provided (other than a "Let me Google that for you" link ) that would have a breakdown of the specific AE effects (and maybe even some third party plug ins) and the specific hardware that they require most? ie Effect X is CPU intensive, while Effect Y is Memory intensive and Effect Z uses HDU speed when applying to a footage layer.


          Thank you