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    Importar sitio de Muse en Edge Animate




      I would to test if Edge could solve a problem that i have with Muse, IE and modal boxes.


      I'm triying to import a webpage done in Muse to Edge Animate to put an element (Legal advice link) and when you click it open a "modal box" that shows the legal text. When i import the webpage, all the elements i want to put stay in the background and can't put it on the foreground, the option is disabled... so when i put the "Legal advice" text it's always behind an element created by Muse and i can't send it to the background to see the new element in front of...


      There are any way to solve this? In Muse i can put any element in front and it's visible, but in Edge when importing the webpage i can't...


      Any idea or suggestion?