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    Flash to Director


      I have been trying to get a Flash program to load when a button is pressed in Director. I have managed to do this but I have an exit button in Flash that I want, when clicked, to unload that Flash movie and return to the original Director movie. I can get the Flash movie to unload but I can't seem to get it to return to the Director movie. Any ideas how to do this?

      Thanks in advance
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          tdriley Level 1
          Is the flash app loading externally, outside the director app? If so, surely the director app will still be there when the flash app quits? Making the director app full screen would make this more obvious for the user. If it's not making the director window the active window when it quits, you could use a window control Xtra to control this. If the flash app is published for flash v7 or lower, you could embed the SWF file in the director movie and give it it's own "section" in the director score.

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            desirron Level 1
            What I have is a button in director that when clicked goes to a frame further on that contains an imported flash preloader. This preloader will initialise everything then will bring up the swf file which is external. I agree it should just load over the top but it doesn't. I'm trying to get the swf to close and director to return to the start but can't find anything

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              tdriley Level 1
              You could put a marker at the start of the timeline (called "start" or something), then make a director button over the top of the flash one that is supposed to exit that section. Then just make the new director button point to the "start" marker you just made.