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    Edge audio doesn't work in DPS project

    Agapyla Level 1

      Being very happy after latest update of Edge CC, I've decided to make DPS project for iPad.

      First, when I chose "autoplay" button for audio timeline, I got a warning about sound autoplay option is not supported at digital devices (??). So what should I do? To not use the autoplay?

      Second, a preview of Edge animation in web-browser works perfect (both background sound and a sound for user interaction) - BUT when I put .oam file in DPS, the sound just DOESN'T WORK.

      I tried everything - check-uncheck "autoplay", check-uncheck "preload audio", put an audio as a trigger.. no sound in iPad.

      And when I put audio file directly into Indesign, a sound works perfect in iPad.


      What's going on?