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    wrapping text around images giving problems




      I'm using InDesign CS6 to layout the thesis of my sister and I'm having problems wrapping text around images:

      As of now there are about 35 pages of text (200 total in the document), aligned to a baseline grid and justified left. With the exception of a number of pages there are also footnotes on them.

      I place my image in the document and resize it to the size I want but when i go to hit "wrap around object shape" it gives me the circular loading icon from windows and the program seems to get stuck / stops reacting. I followed a tutorial on how to insert images from youtube and tried it on a 1 page document and it worked without a problem...Does this mean with how I currently have the document set up I can't insert any images...I would hope not...Maybe someone has any advice ?


      Thank you in advance.