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    Overly Difficult to subclass mx Controls?

    slaingod Level 1
      Is it just me or is it overly difficult to subclass the built-in controls if you want to do anything a little out of the box. Everytime I think that subclassing a control would be a solution, I spend hours banging my head against a wall.

      So for instance: I want an DateChooser that has an actual transparent background, as opposed to showing the border color when backgroundAlpha is 0. Basically, I'm trying to work around what I consider to be a bug/lack of styling support.

      Ideally, I would just declare me subclass as 'extends DateChooser', copy and override updateDisplayList, tweak it and be done. Except of course everything is private in DateChooser, and it is all used by updateDisplayList. So the only way to even get close is to copy DateChooser.as in its entirety, hard code all of the SDK includes, and then end up with something that is sort of usable, except that there are a ton of defaults that are magically included in DateChooser but not in my custom DateChooser, skins in particular.

      It just seems like the controls are way too locked down to be usable for many cases where you would want to subclass.