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    MySQL Db stopped inserting records

    tonybabb Level 1

      I'm developing a web site that accepts input from a user and adds a new record to a table in a MySQL db. This has been working for a couple of weeks now adding 70+ new test records. Well....I broke something and now it no longer inserts records but doesn't give me any error messages at all. I didn't see anything obviously wrong with the form, although I had been making some changes to the form.just before it broke. I refreshed the server behavior and also tried deleting and recreating the server behavior all to no avail.


      I'd really appreciate some direction on troubleshooting this. I'm using DW CS6 and testing with IE11, Chrome, FF on Win 7.

      The page I'm developing can be seen here http://www.hollisterairshow.com/rally/vendorApp.php?blapp=yes&tspapp=yes , you'll notice a "Submit" button and a "Next Step" button, either should work, they both worked previously and now neither of them works.


      Thanks for any advice on this.